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Editing FIRSTwiki (technical users)

Using the Github web-based editor is a much simpler option if you are just starting out editing, or you are only editing a single page. See the non-technical user's guide for details.

Setup tasks

Create a github account

As all content is hosted on github, to edit it you must have a github account. If you don’t have an account, go to Github to create an account and then login.

Fork the repo(s)

There are six repositories for team numbers and their pages, one for main wiki content, and one for the central documentation and other vital data for the wiki. Determine which repository you wish to edit, and make a fork.

Clone your fork that you created of the repository to your computer. Here is a guide on how to do that in the Github Desktop client, or here is a guide on how to do it on the command line.

Editing the content

Next, you’ll want to fire up your favorite editor to modify the file you wish to change, or create a new file. You can use these guides to learn more about how to structure the document content:

Make your changes, commit them via git, push them back to GitHub, then create a pull request.

Once your pull request has been created, a member of the moderator team will have to approve the changes. Your changes will be published immediately to the website once the pull request is merged.

Viewing your changes locally

These instructions only tested on OSX and Linux

When editing locally, you will probably want to check your changes in your web browser. If you have ruby installed, this is pretty simple. Run the following commands in the repo directory:

gem install bundler
bundle install

Once that is done, you can start your site locally using the following command:


Once the server is running, you can point your web browser at http://localhost:4000/URL.

Each time you save a page while the server is running, it will recompile the site. To view the changes, refresh the page to see the new changes.

Advanced development

If you want to make more complex changes, check out our page for developers.