FIRSTwiki The FIRST Robotics encyclopedia

Content Guidelines

To some extent, treat this as Wikipedia, and many of the same rules about content there can be applied here (see wikipedia content guidelines).

Things that belong on FIRSTwiki:

  • Factual information about FIRST related subjects
    • FIRST team pages: sponsors, origins, history, things teams have done
    • Technical subjects: programming, mechanical engineering, electrical, etc
    • Non-technical subjects: TODO
  • Information about notable FIRST related people
    • Dean Kamen, Woodie Flowers, and other FIRST notables
    • Woodie Flowers award winners can be appropriate too

Things that do not belong on FIRSTwiki:

  • Non-factual FIRST related information
  • Do not copy/paste content from Wikipedia or other sources and post it here. In most cases it is better to create links to those sources instead
  • This is not the Blue Alliance. Things like event match scores, comprehensive lists of award winners, and non-notable events are usually best left as data at TBA
  • Non-notable people

Over time it is expected that these guidelines will shift as the community evolves.

Images policy

At the moment, I’m undecided on how to deal with images. While it is recognized that certainly images are important for certain topics, if every team adds an 1MB image of their robot then we will run into github storage limits.

For now, please use external image links or very small images (<100k) sparingly instead, until we’ve decided upon a good solution.