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About FIRSTwiki

FIRSTwiki is an open-content encyclopedia about the FIRST Robotics Competition, designed to provide a useful resource for all aspects of the FIRST community. Following the tenets of gracious professionalism, members contribute back to the community by recording useful information that other members can benefit from.

FIRSTwiki is designed to be a portable resource that can be easily copied, modified, and used by anyone. The full database of information is freely available as a git repository.


FIRSTWiki existed at one point as a standalone website. It was created on May 24, 2004, in response to a thread on ChiefDelphi. For a number of years, ChiefDelphi hosted a MediaWiki-based wiki site, but it was neglected and was overran by spam before eventually being shut down.

In 2016, Dustin Spicuzza created FIRSTwiki in this form on github pages, with the goal to create much of the content derived from a copy of the original FIRSTwiki from the internet wayback machine (link to original content).