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Because FIRSTwiki is not a traditional wiki, it isn’t easy to allow completely unmoderated content. Instead, there is a team of moderators that will approve contributions.

Who can be a moderator?

FIRSTwiki is still developing, but initially there will be some qualifications for moderators. Here are some initial minimum qualifications.

  • Must be involved with FIRST Robotics Programs for at least a year
  • Should be a validated ChiefDelphi member who has positive reputation and 300+ posts

As the community grows, these conditions will probably change.

Role of moderators

Moderators are intended to serve the following roles:

  • Gatekeepers for FIRSTwiki to ensure that it only receives high quality content
  • Be neutral intermediaries in the event of a conflict
  • TODO

A moderator is expected to speedily approve content if it is topical and meets the FIRStwiki standards.