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Developing FIRSTwiki

This page is targeted to those who want run FIRSTwiki locally; typically you're either a more technical user or you want to hack on FIRSTwiki at a more technical level: changing layouts, adding includes, changing the look and feel of the site, and other such tasks.

FIRSTwiki is a collection of git repositories. As such, working with it is a little bit clunky at first, but we’ve created various scripts to make it easier to work with the FIRSTwiki when doing local development.

Environment setup

Currently all the documentation for setting up your development environment is in the of the _scripts repository. Clone that git repository and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, the environment is only supported on OSX or Linux. However, we welcome improvements to make it work on Windows. :)

Once the environment is set up, there is a script called which you can use to do a lot of useful development tasks across all of the repositories.

To update all of your repos:

./ pull

Or to build all sites:

./ build

To serve an individual site locally, you can use jekyll to do this. Each repo has ‘’ script that makes the site available at http://localhost:4000/URL:

cd wiki

To serve all of the sites at the same time, then use this (requires all sites to be built first!)

./ serve_site

If you wish jekyll to watch the files and autoregenerate them when serving the site, this will launch all of the sites and watch them:

./ serve_site --watch

There’s a lot more it can do… run it without any arguments, or read the script to find more commands.


The Gemfiles for the FIRSTwiki repos now include jekyll-admin, which is intended to provide a web interface that allows you to edit your jekyll site in a CMS-like environment. Unfortunately, because of some bugs it doesn’t quite support our layout… but hopefully this will be a good editing solution in the future.

To access the admin site, go to http://localhost:4000/admin/ (it’s the same URL for all FIRSTwiki repositories).