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FIRSTwiki returns

After spending a few years in the depths of the internet, FIRSTwiki is back (well, sorta). I grabbed a copy of it from the wayback machine, converted it to markdown, and started creating a structure to allow us to put it back together!

Over the last few years (especially for technical topics), I’ve noticed that there are a lot of repetitive questions on ChiefDelphi asking about this thing or another, and there really needs to be a community-maintained location to store information that is readily available to FIRST teams. FIRST does a good job providing information in some areas, but they only have so many resources. FIRSTwiki aims to be a complementary resource that teams can use to either find information or pointers to information.

There’s still a LOT of work to do! In particular, you may notice that there really isn’t any content here initially, and the site design is very plain. There’s a ton of old content from the original FIRSTwiki that needs to be copied to this site – I didn’t want to directly copy it wholesale, but would rather have people curate the content and only put the interesting/relevant data here.

See our contribution guide, and feel free to issue a pull request with your changes!