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FRC Team 6025

Adroit Androids
Rookie Year:2016
LocationIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

6025 Adroit Androids was founded in 2015 by scholarshiped students after 2 years of struggle and hard work in the Bahcesehir Anatolian High School. Team members have been involved in FIRST from before, so they are familiar with the FIRST spirit. They have been team members, mentors and volunteers in Jr. FLL and FLL. 6025’s aim is to guide and help students in the steps of engineering, business planning, crisis management and being a team. The team’s vision is to stand by the principles of Gracious Professionalism and transfuse the importance of the process. In 2016, the first season that 6025 joined, they won the “Rookie ALL-STAR” award and qualified for the 2016 FIRST World Championship.

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