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FRC Team 4819

Flat Mountain Mechanics
Rookie Year:2013
LocationMount Pleasant, Michigan, USA


FIRST Team #4819, the Flat Mountain Mechanics, is composed of home-educated students as well as teens from three local school districts. Team Members do not necessarily receive school credit for FIRST; they participate solely because they enjoy it. To these gifted kids, FIRST is about learning; winning is just a bonus!

The group was started in December 2012 with the team number 4819 and a grant from JCPenney covering the cost of the initial Kit Of Parts and 2 district competition. After just a couple team meetings they had decided upon the team name of Flat Mountain Mechanics, as they live in the vicinity of Mt. Pleasant with no mountain in sight.


  • The team regularly consists of ~17 students and ~8 mentors.
  • In 2014 they made it to the World Championship and ranked 22 in the Curie division, winning the Midland district competition to get there.
  • They are a member of GLBR and regularly assist in hosting the official Midland event as well as the off-season Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash.


  • Alpinista - 2013
  • Smaug - 2014
  • Erebor - 2015
  • Smeagle - 2016