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FRC Team 4239

Rookie Year:2012
LocationWillmar, Minnesota, USA

WARPSPEED 4239 is a high school FIRST Robotics Competition team from Willmar, MN. The team is made up of approximately 20 students and is mentored by Mike Kroeker and Joe Kurhajetz along with alumni and several members of the Willmar community. The team is led by it’s members with assistance from the mentors. WARPSPEED is an acronym which stands for Willmar Area Robotics Programming Simulations Pneumatics Electronics Engineering Design.

WARPSPEED 4239 was founded by Mr. Mike Kroeker in 2012 as the 4,239th FIRST Robotics Competition team. Based out of Willmar Senior High School, the team strives to further students understanding of science technology engineering and math (STEM) as well as aesthetics and business related fields.